Caroline Gregson's Blog have I been so quiet recently?Why have I been so quiet recently?2020-02-17T10:30:00Zdbe00710-e175-4a71-8787-535ddd7f5e80 Gift CardsGift cards can be purchased for any value and can be used to purchase sculptures or to reserve a place on a willow sculpture workshop,2019-11-10T14:00:00Zad1e7166-a556-46bc-bad0-88a693df4fd6 Course Dates now publishedWillow sculpture workshops with Caroline Gregson in 2020 are now available for booking2019-11-10T13:53:00Zca164c56-8702-43a9-bf03-0d29d19400f5 workshop dates will be available soonI will be updating my willow sculpture workshop schedule in the next few weeks with 2020 dates.2019-10-03T15:57:00Z5bd77f78-abee-4c70-88d7-5548a516bcad Studios workshopWillow sculpture course, 2 days at Zantium Studios near Wirksworth Derbyshire. Only one place left.2019-08-08T10:25:00Z7b1a97b6-97b4-45d6-b420-16dca52102b0 Castle RoundhouseBuilding a Bronze Age Roundhouse at Beeston Castle in Cheshire2019-07-29T10:00:00Z4142cfa4-71b4-47b6-b00c-7e5ee82b5ea2 World LiveCome and see me and my new sculpture on The Marie Curie Garden2019-05-30T09:49:00Z255e1e1c-57f1-4ee5-8cdb-8cab01eca116 World LiveCaroline is creating a sculpture for the Marie Curie Garden at Gardeners World Live.2019-04-08T10:13:00Z41222955-8a44-4c1c-8b6a-4fc0b4bec1ed Sculpture CourseLearn alongside Caroline how to make birds and animals entirely out of willow. You can choose what you would like to make, the only restriction being one of time.2019-01-04T09:15:00Z7b0d3b0d-ffbf-4478-a013-07fb7b78d150 New YearHappy new year. 2019-01-02T13:32:00Z7bc8d1d5-66b3-4676-a383-817250b05a54 cardsI can make up gift cards for any monetary value which can be redeemed against sculptures or workshop bookings.2018-12-03T19:34:00Z089be939-e732-4adc-b9fe-bce604b3f526 Workshop dates finalised!Caroline's popular day sculpture workshops will run again in 2019 at Castle Park Arts Centre, Frodsham.2018-10-12T13:30:00Z1100da23-dc1a-42a4-8f69-6f3ca8644cf7 Hill Equestrian CentreCaroline is supplying some willow sculptures to dress one of the cross country fences at the next event.2018-09-17T10:12:00Z43e09d40-d0aa-43cc-8c32-b951a2fa76bc Hey Residency 2018Caroline has been appointed artist in residence again this autumn2018-07-30T10:43:00Z0881c639-6be5-4350-8018-e9e3ec721ded workshop dates addedDates for my remaining workshops at Castle Park just released2018-07-30T10:36:00Z1f5d22cc-dfa6-4f5c-b807-d07453767565 Hey Childrens Hospital ResidencyMy legacy sculpture has now been installed in the Radiology courtyard.2018-03-27T13:18:00Zbaf2f5d9-3ac8-4b27-a631-7ce8d9d26bc8 willow sculpture course dates I have just updated my workshop pages with dates through the summer. I hope to meet you.2018-02-26T16:16:00Zafee6223-439a-401f-a8e1-11ba881d91dd!Spring must be on its way at last, the frogs are arriving back in my pond. I have one place left on my sculpture workshop this coming Friday so why not celebrate the arrival of spring by making something amazing for your garden with my help.2018-02-19T12:10:00Ze7aef206-b0b5-4be9-ba04-fd63f0cba391 New Year !Happy New Year to all the lovely people I have had the pleasure of meeting during 2017. I hope it will be a peaceful, joyous and above all creative time for everyone. XX2018-01-02T12:09:00Z1df87dfa-694f-4e0d-84ef-1a49b10cfbaa 2 day workshop dates!I have just uploaded the dates for my 2 day workshops at Zantum Studios in Derbyshire and The Woodland Skills Centre in North Wales.2018-01-02T12:03:00Z2e1da322-113b-4a1b-9bc2-7a559ac90a20 Christmas and Best Wishes for 2018Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 20182017-12-21T09:30:00Zd01a5d29-99b6-4e28-8a3b-25d49c779778 CardsI can make up gift cards for my Sculpture Workshops in time for Christmas. They make great gifts! Contact me for details.2017-11-27T17:43:00Z6f3bdff7-212a-4cf3-929b-c98b93a90bd4 Workshop dates at Castle ParkI have just finalised dates for my willow sculpture workshops at Castle Park Arts Centre next year.2017-11-27T17:39:00Z5a911c29-be27-444a-94ed-a4585ac2c887 Craft FairCaroline will have a stall at the Grappenhall Walled Garden Craft Fair on Sun 26th November2017-11-13T12:07:00Z22c87090-2a51-4357-9be5-4853667cd2c8 busy summerI have had a busy summer working on some really interesting commissions. I will try and get some photos of the new willow sculptures up on the website soon (when I get a minute!). I try and get photos onto my Facebook page as I get them so if you can't wait have a look on there.2017-09-20T11:34:00Z90ea0928-f161-465c-8424-eed857411a9d Hey Artist in ResidenceCaroline has been appointed Artist in Residence at Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital.2017-07-10T15:57:00Z9771b5a9-3d80-4bf1-a90c-86078c48c4f0 ExhibitionI am exhibiting as part of the Craftivism Exhibition at The Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool.2017-06-12T12:52:00Z31833c10-d91d-40a6-a417-746fc9499965 access restrictedYou may have to wait for an answer from me during the second half of May2017-05-11T11:55:00Z4e7ee019-93d2-4d20-bf3b-a36daf3f9663 harvestMy willow harvest is finished for another year2017-02-18T18:43:00Zcc8e3e3c-d800-4288-9db1-f6539b818e1a dates for 2017I have just uploaded the dates for my willow sculpture workshops for 20172016-12-21T16:24:00Zb08ecc71-86fe-4d57-9f6c-85536354952d CathedralExhibition open until 27th October2016-09-26T16:51:00Zba8e2490-cac5-44b3-a52f-34c661f63722 stars at RHS ChelseaThe stand incorporating my willow sheep sculptures was awarded 4 stars by the RHS judges at The Chelsea Flower Show2016-06-07T09:50:00Za08d94e1-e80a-4bb6-b324-43225948762b Tatton Flower ShowCaroline is currently making a willow sculpture of King Canute for Tatton Garden Society's display stand at RHS Tatton Flower Show2016-05-11T12:32:00Za8bc15ae-1c09-45af-b567-afc22ac8596d workshop datesI have just released some new dates for my one day willow sculpture workshops2016-05-11T12:29:00Z63cd7ee2-0344-458d-b805-80a61935409a Chelsea Flower Show 2016Caroline has sent 2 sheep sculptures to be shown at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show2016-05-11T12:21:00Z7e87a892-6080-423b-a87a-09f68fbc49cc Studio workshop next weekThere are a couple of places still available on next week's 2 day workshop2016-04-16T16:36:00Zd955a9b9-d871-4f71-80b4-b11cdd28227e Flower ShowTwo of my willow sheep sculptures will be making their way onto the Yorkshire Swing Seat Company's stand at Chelsea Flower show next month.2016-04-16T16:31:00Zc2400f12-b714-476f-a20e-82af1352d1b9 2016!The start of a new year is always exciting...2016-01-11T18:13:00Z6e2dcfa6-9854-49d2-8646-cbea1a3b7cbf Sculpture Workshop Gift CardsIn a world where we never have enough time to spend with our friends and family why not book yourself and your loved one onto one of my workshops and spend a day learning together.2015-12-09T18:27:00Zf31236e1-1352-45e6-90f3-dc8e66b864be GiftsIt is too late now to order a willow sculpture from me to be ready in time for Christmas. But DON'T PANIC !!! You can still give your loved one a great present.2015-12-09T18:19:00Z1d05ace5-fd0f-4a7e-9a8e-21686c19c74a workshop dates for 2016I have just finalised dates for my willow sculpture workshops at Castle Park Arts Centre for 20162015-12-09T18:13:00Z5648b539-a1c8-4dc4-a7f1-d1fbf2ad1c07 Home StudioAt last I am starting to work in my new studio at home. I am steadily moving all of my stuff into its new home and my old studio in the house is returning to its original use. Fantastic!2015-10-02T14:26:00Zf864d575-961d-4057-b99f-9652066f4d6d"Modern Rustic" at Artichoke GalleryI am just about to send some of my sculptures to Artichoke Gallery in Ticehurst. The exhibition opens on 2nd October and runs through to 24th December - perfect for Christmas shopping!2015-09-21T10:22:00Z95451ffc-3ace-4960-93f9-165679a9f7ef few places for 2015There are only a few places left on my last willow sculpture workshop of 2015 on 20th November. 2015-09-21T10:15:00Zcbc00027-ecdd-4e00-83ef-97f2d864a247 Workshops from my StudioIf you can't make it to one of my regular workshops why not think about coming to my beautiful home studio and learning with me.2015-07-28T10:02:00Zf44f300a-91a9-46a7-91c5-fcaa33388c02 on sculpture workshop on 26th JuneI have 2 spaces available on my workshop next Friday.2015-06-20T09:06:00Z4b01819b-153a-4605-8061-4c5298b5334c sculpture in the school holidayWould you like to learn to make a willow sculpture alongside your child?2015-05-03T09:28:00Zdc1d8b62-9e15-4c08-be26-9e5580c30179 CastleWilliam Marshal - The Greatest Knight was inspiration for a new sculpture I have installed at Chepstow Castle.2015-03-29T16:53:00Zedfcdc8c-1bd8-4d47-8d1a-3f6794c0a079 structures workshopHave you ever wondered how to make plant supports for your garden plants? Well this is the course for you.2015-03-18T15:50:00Ze3cfaba2-dd1f-4006-b1b7-80dbfdf88c11 is here!Happy to see the first frogspawn of the year in my pond today.2015-03-07T10:36:00Z16b71eab-b7a9-4803-8d65-16eb7430685a workshopsAll workshops in March and April are now full.2015-03-06T11:03:00Z616faa26-651b-4dec-a1e5-c38e8879d64e IdentityBasketry Identity Exhibition 25th March - 26th April 2015 Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Surrey2015-02-26T16:19:00Zf0eb5bf3-2347-4f7f-be90-085c600a4da2 harvestAt last I have finished this year's willow harvest from my willow bed at Norton Priory in Runcorn.2015-02-22T16:06:00Z38e991fb-3afc-473b-ab12-b258589375f7 Display Centre TalkCaroline will be giving an illustrated talk about her work as a willow sculptor on Tuesday 24th February at The Atheaneum, Liverpool. Arrive 1pm. Tea and cake served after the talk.2015-02-09T13:30:00Z111d1e85-7552-4f6d-b1c4-494d8b0f04cb at Chester CathedralCaroline will be exhibiting as part of Cheshire Artists Network WW1 exhibition "Reflections and Reconciliation"2015-01-05T11:20:00Z9127eb78-f4b9-4bc1-ac45-4ed16a151c57 Studios 2-day workshopCaroline will again be teaching her popular 2 day workshops at Zantium Studios near Wirksworth, Derbyshire.2015-01-03T15:46:00Z48b3fb0d-e10e-4d3b-8309-83f62a58d053 Woodland Skills CentreA 2-day Willow Sculpture Workshop at The Woodland Skills Centre at Bodfari over the weekend of 6th/7th June is ideal for tackling a bigger sculpture such as deer, sheep or a small flock of birds...2015-01-03T13:40:00Z0c0a0b37-4155-41b8-8869-a8afa409422a Building!Work has started on creating my new Garden Studio2015-01-03T12:38:00Zfb5e3e5a-1c6d-43f8-82a4-372686fcbb67 Workshop DatesMore dates for willow sculpture workshops in 2015 announced2015-01-03T11:35:00Zc64806e1-4c0b-4d35-b8a1-57705e45e2a2 New Year!I hope 2015 brings you health and happiness.2015-01-03T10:34:00Zc97f580f-6e94-4aea-999b-636c46558ac7 CardsPerfect for Christmas or any time...2014-10-25T17:22:00Zae126966-7e19-495b-8127-99753b76bb40 Workshop DatesI have started to arrange dates for my Workshops in 2015. Christmas gift anyone?2014-10-03T17:28:00Z7d9ebec8-e28c-4bbe-9a94-a30952b58eb4 Workshop FULLThis workshop is now full, sorry.2014-10-02T17:36:00Z03689668-bda5-42fc-9698-9776b012dd48 in the Park at Oulton ParkProceeds are in aid of the hospices of Cheshire...2014-09-17T17:43:00Zeaf7b8fe-ede4-415f-9f0c-031e479febb2 Art Fair 23rd NovemberCheshire Artists network are holding an Art Fair at The Guildhall in Chester on Saturday 23rd November 2014...2014-09-17T17:40:00Z74c22a57-be34-418e-bc93-0a2b09e6f810 Museum, ChesterAn exhibition of work inspired by the commemorations of World War 1 from 3/8/2014 to 31/10/2014.2014-07-30T19:55:00Z1c29b6a0-7e7c-45b3-b970-034fe89368a3 in the ParkAn event at Oulton Park, Cheshire on 15th November in support of the Cheshire Hospices...2014-07-30T19:51:00Zdeae0c86-f1a6-4048-9a2a-cdb63362826c Pleasant Gardens Sculpture ShowSome of the best Garden Sculptors gather for an exhibition in September...2014-07-30T19:48:00Zbfc10a27-ea44-421c-bfb3-91ff53d1d4df available in SeptemberSpecial offer for bookings on my September Willow Sculpture Workshop...2014-07-30T17:58:00Z9d83174c-6cc5-4011-ad49-b5d6ab7d78b8 Sculpture Workshop FULLI do have spaces on my sculpture workshops in September and the rest of the autumn. Come along and learn to make your own piece of willow art.2014-06-11T20:12:00Z7c7e722e-866f-48bb-aa01-7b320163f3b4 place on Friday workshopLate availability discount...2014-06-03T20:16:00Z5250cda1-3a06-4e3a-a505-649c5eced8a3 BookI try and show my latest work as well as that of students on my workshops on my facebook timeline. Why not have a look?2014-04-23T20:22:00Zdf398b3b-ed1d-48d4-8055-59d06e459d37 Basketmaking at my Home StudioHow about a Basketmaking Day held at my home studio in Tarvin near Chester?2014-04-23T20:10:00Z234fdeca-7f87-46de-a93b-cb458673e9a2 Basketmaking at my Home StudioBespoke 1-2-1 Tuition in my Home Studio2014-04-23T11:17:00Z81bb74a2-cd64-4e13-b9e9-f549eebeeb05 you credit it, I now have a Facebook!2014-04-23T11:14:00Z2109699d-b335-45cd-94d0-0a222ee11bbe is on its way - Basketmaking!!Basketmaking at Norton Priory 26th/27th April 2014...2014-03-20T20:27:00Z911cccb3-bf76-4429-9cfd-577b73979ebc Forge Gallery WorthingWillow Sculptures at The Forge Gallery in Worthing from 5th April until 31st May2014-03-20T00:00:00Z4bdbeffd-f50f-4aea-b570-8e05cf5287dc Zoo Willow SculptureWillow Bird Sculpture Workshop on Saturday 1st June at Chester Zoo...2014-02-28T20:33:00Z70cc52d5-4e10-4ecb-8eb4-9825cff2061d Willow SculptureWorkshop days for beginners and improvers...2014-02-09T20:20:00Z0f753cb8-d822-46de-890c-2f638ba40e6b FloodsThe annual Willow harvest has been badly affected by the prolonged floods in Somerset...2014-02-09T20:00:00Z28d3f24a-98a1-47f5-acfe-8bfee0137f76 HarvestI have started cutting my willow this week...2014-01-30T20:46:00Z9311d214-c8e7-476b-a51e-617e4712aae5 Sculpture in VAC GalleryA new showcase exhibition opens on 31st January at the Visual Arts Cheshire Gallery in Northwich...2014-01-30T20:43:00Z10fe281f-0217-453b-a7b5-451e9cf50cf5 Sculpture CourseI still have a few spaces available on my first Willow Sculpture workshop of 2014 on 14th February...2014-01-20T20:48:00Z