To friends and useful resources

Friends And Useful Links

The following links are sites that I have found useful along with those of organisations I work with.

The Basketmakers Association

The Basketmakers AssociationThe BA was formed in 1975 to promote the knowledge of basketry, chair seating and allied crafts. They organise a wide variety of courses, events and exhibitions and sell a unique range of books and videos by mail order.

The Society of Designer Craftsmen

The Society of Designer CraftsmenThe SDC was founded in 1888 with William Morris as one of its more notable members. Its aim is to promote and encourage excellence of workmanship and design. Regional support groups offer members and other crafts people mutual support and information.

www.basketmaker.netA huge web based resource providing links to other basketmakers, a great gallery and information about books to help inspire your next project.

The Woodland Skills Centre

The Woodland Skills CentreThe Woodland Skills Centre is a beautiful location and is staffed by the warmest of people making it an ideal retreat to focus upon acquiring any one of several traditional woodland skills.

JPR Environmental

JPR Environmental

Living willow supplies for landscaping and use in the garden. gallery features the work of makers in a broad range of media.