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Beeston Castle Roundhouse

I have been working since February as part of the core team of builders constructing the relica Bronze Age Roundhouse at Beeston Castle in Cheshire. All the work has been done with the sort of tools that Bronze Age people would have had available, so axes, adzes and chisels have played a big part in my life this year! From a big pile of trees back in February to the beautiful building you can see now, we are all very proud. 

The building is very nearly complete, with only the top of the roof to thatch and the walls to daub. Summer brings a bit of a break for us all but we will be back in September to finish things off.

That won't be the end because we still have to furnish the roundhouse, a lifetime of jobs coming up. My willow skills will be called upon then I think.

You can visit the roundhouse any time Beeston Castle is open (see for details)