Large Boxing Hares

Boxing Hares - 6’ tall!

This pair of hares stands about 6 feet tall! They were commissioned by a private collector and now reside in their stunning garden.

Sorry it isn’t a great photo but the timescale was tight and I only had time for a quick snap through the living room window. The only way I could get far enough back to fit the whole thing in frame. Ah the difficulties of being an Art Photographer!

I usually use a partial steel frame in sculptures of this size to ensure they can be fixed securely outside. I design the frame myself and it is made by my local blacksmith. This means we can make something that fits to the clients ideas if they wish. The frame is only there to provide internal strength and I still use the willow to model the shape.

Caroline Gregson
Willow Sculpture Artist

I have loved and been inspired by the natural world since I was a child and the ability to work as a Willow Artist and make willow sculptures representing the essence of animals, birds and other living forms brings me great pleasure. I love to represent movement and vitality in my work. My willow sculptures appear to have just paused in their setting before they are ready to move on. One of the nicest things anyone has said about my animal sculptures is that you can always see where they are looking!