Willow Sculpture Gallery

Here are some examples of my Willow Sculptures and other work


The images in my Gallery are of Willow Sculptures I have made as commissions or for exhibitions. Every Willow Sculpture is unique so although I am more than happy to recreate something you see here, I can also adjust the pose and size to fit with your own ideas - and I always like a new challenge.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities do feel free to get in touch with me.


Caroline at work

Caroline at work outside her studio.


Willow sculptures depicting the children of the family

Hunter Horse

A willow sculpture of a Hunter Horse

Cat in the garden

A willow sculpture of a cat based on a photo supplied by my client


Inspired by the sculpture of a Talbot Hound in Chester Cathedral.

Girl and Dog

A client’s granddaughter along with the family dog playing in the woods.

Deer in the woods

These two sculptures are both made from willow but the right hand one also has a minimal internal steel frame. This is useful where I …

Tudor Giants

These 9ft tall willow sculptures were commissioned by Hampton Court Palace for the 500th anniversary of The Field of Cloth of Gold

Town Musicians of Bremen

I have undertaken several versions for private clients and for the Nanny McPhee film ‘The Big Bang’.


Aren’t pigs brilliant?! I have made many willow pigs and all have their own individuality, just like the real thing.


The naturally red-coloured willow that I use when I make foxes is perfect for representing their stunning coat colour.

Fox Terrier

Pedigree dogs are great subjects. They have such distinct silhouettes and by checking the breed standard I can ensure they are the …


Ducks are a popular subject, both for commissions and for my Willow Sculpture Workshops.

Regency Woman on a Donkey

One of 5 groups of figures made for The Heights of Abraham at Matlock Bath


This sculpture was made for a themed exhibition based around Shakespeare’s play. It was great to just let my imagination run riot …


I was exhibiting at Norton Priory Walled Garden in Runcorn Cheshire and had the opportunity to photograph these three sheep in this …


These approximately lifesize Sandpipers are some of my most popular willow sculptures.

Contemporary Baskets

These willow baskets are constructed using the same technique I use in my sculptures.

Boxing Hares

I usually make Boxing Hares roughly lifesize, but if you want something bigger.. no problem.

Giraffe and Elephant

This gorgeous pair were made for a North London Primary School to enhance the refurbishment of what was a very boring concrete …

The Crows

I made this sculpture for an exhibition in commemoration of the centenary of the outbreak of WW1.

One man and his dog

I love the silent conversation master and dog are having here.


Hens make a great subject they are popular commissions and in my Willow Sculpture Workshops.


I have made several dancers in a similar pose to this. Each was a different size.

Time to read

Willow sculpture of a man reading a book


My tribute to a wonderful basketmaker, Kari Lonning from the USA.

West Highland Terrier

A typical terrier, full of character, Westies make great subjects for willow sculpture - there is no mistaking that familiar outline.


Frogs are very suitable willow sculpture subjects - clear recognisable outline.

Stalking Cat

Cats are fabulous subjects for sculpture and I always enjoy making them. This stalking cat was a private commission.


The Pukako is one of the most amazing birds from New Zealand.

Deer chased by a Hound

I always enjoy the challenge of making something with such a sense of movement.


This willow sculpture was made as a surprise present for someone who has always wanted their own horse but has never had the time or …

Howling Wolf

This wolf now lives at The Wolf Conservation Trust headquarters in Beenham, Berkshire.

Seated Cat

Cats make great subjects for willow sculpture.


This is a great example of a commission where I am asked to do something I have never made before. Always great fun for me and I hope …


This sculpture is made entirely from willow and was commissioned by the Glen Fiddich distillary in Scotland.

Log Basket

I love making these large soft shaped baskets using willow from my own willow bed.


A commission that was made as a present, using a beautiful old piece of wood that the client already owned.


This little wren sculpture is slightly bigger than life-size.

Mixed-media Basket

This basket was made for a small Cheshire Artists Network exhibition on a narrow boat in Northwich.


The Crane is popular subject for my Willow Sculpture Workshops.

Extraordinary Birds

These little birds are not based on any particular bird, as they are a complete figment of my imagination.

Pine Swirl

This basket is made using a coiling technique from Pine Needles which I collected from my local woodland.


I made this sculpture for someone who just loves their hound!

Birth of a Dragon

This design was inspired from a favourite book belonging to the children of my client.

Ariel ascending

This photo was taken by one of the students at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge just prior to their 2013 May Ball.


I had to include this photo of the archer in his final home - the light is magical.

Random weave basket

This basket was made using the same random weave technique I use in my sculptures.


Although I don’t make as many baskets now as I used to I know it is really important to stay in touch with the root of my art.

Fox glimpsed by the mere

It’s always a bit easier to catch a glimpse of the elusive Red Fox when you’ve made him yourself.

Cat and hens

A group of small sculptures like these can make a real statement in the garden.

Arched Cat

This is such a classic cat pose, I just had to make a sculpture.

Black Hole

A contemporary basket made with dyed cane and a hand-raised copper bowl.

Extraordinary Bird

Made using the same technique I use in my larger sculptures, but using chair seating cane that I dip dye.

Children playing

Children playing and other willow sculptures on display at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show.

Labrador and friend

I can make sculptures of any breed of dog although those with distinct recognisable silhouettes tend to work the best.


Natural and dyed centre cane with a turned wooden bowl.

Grazing Sheep

These two sheep were made for the Hospice of the Good Shepherd Garden at RHS Tatton Flower show. After the show I donated them to the …

Large Boxing Hares

This pair of hares stands about 6 feet tall! They were commissioned by a private collector and now reside in their stunning garden.

Grazing Deer

This photo was taken after the deer was installed in its new home in a wildlife area of the client’s garden.

Abstract Columns

Willow Sculptures of Abstract Columns set in a Cheshire meadow.

D-Shaped Basket

This is a traditional willow basket made with a leather shoulder strap.


Made using the same technique I use in my sculptures this basket is a perfect way to display material found during a beach walk.

Deer and Fawn

If you have the space for more than one sculpture the resulting scene can be captivating.


An abstract piece that plays with light and shade.

Dandie Dinmont

When I was asked to make a Dandie Dinmont I had to spend quite some time researching on the web!

Monarch of the Glen

Stags prove to be one of the most popular willow sculptures I make. They look fantastic in the garden and create an impressive focal …

Archer in the field

A great example of a collaboration between me and Pete Wilson at Bartington Forge Blacksmith.

Patterdale Terrier

The willow sculpture of a seated terrier was made for a private garden. My little dog thought she had a new friend!

Birds on a shelf

More of my extraordinary birds. If you know what breed then you are doing better than me, they are cute though aren’t they?


The May Ball Committee at Pembroke College, University of Cambridge contacted me to commission a 12 foot tall sculpture of winged Ariel …

If It Has Your Name…

Made for the Cheshire Artists Network touring exhibition “WW1 Reflections and Reconciliation”.

Pair of Sheep

Two life-size sheep enjoying a spring day.

Wire Haired Vizsla

This Vizsla was made as a commission using a fantastic photograph given to me by the client as inspiration.

Sleeping Cat

This sculpture is based on a much loved pet and was commissioned as a remembrance sculpture. I was honoured to make it for them.

Schnauzer dog

This willow sculpture was commissioned as a present for a schnauzer owner. I love making dog sculptures!